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Logitruck is a pool of companies, participated by Artoni & Samer and other important enterprises of the transport system.
Logitruck is specialised in the handling of heavy lift cargoes, intermodal and combined transports and organisation of the services to the industries by highly specialised personnel.
By means of a total 36-axle SPMT (self-propelled modular trailer), Logitruck can carry engines, generators, propulsion systems and reels of massive dimensions, directly from works to quay or to various dedicated storage areas.
Furthermore Logitruck, through its subsidiaries, has a new and high quality fleet of lift tracks, mechanical shovels, scrapers, cranes, breakdown lorries, swing platforms and hydraulic arms machines.

Thus Logitruck can ensure a detail planning starting from the loading, providing necessary road permits.

Specialists in logistic of heavy lift cargo, intermodal and combined transportation, industrial assembling can offer a complete service.

  • Exceptional cargo transport
  • 36 axles SPMT
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Mechanical shovels
  • Swing platforms